Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make (insert product here) ?

That’s a secret silly! Brayden spends hours researching ingredients and product formulations. She even pays chemists to ensure product stability. If you are interested in private labeling for your own business, please email to set up a consultation.

What’s in your products? 

 Magic fairy dust.  😊 Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Mango butter, Hemp oil, Essential Oils, Mango seed oil, brown sugar, white sugar, Dead Sea salts and lots of natural ingredients that are listed on each product page.  What’s more important is what’s NOT in our products.  No parabens, no cruelty, no animal products, no “mystery fragrance blends” and no preservatives.  Every ingredient used in our products is considered little to no risk in the Environmental Working Group database.  

Why do the butters look different?

We make boutique batches.  That’s fancy talk for small batches.  That means that we have tiny cosmetic differences in each container of product.  That’s what makes them special.  Special like our customers.

Do you ship internationally?

We are willing to ship internationally.  Please send an email to and we will prepare a shipping quote.

Can I have free products to sample?

Wow, you’re direct aren’t you?!  We will occasionally offer sampler packs to purchase.  We will be having product giveaways as we introduce new products.  Stay tuned for those.  

I’m an influencer and would like to be a brand ambassador.  Will you pay me to say I like your products?

We’re delighted that you want to be a brand ambassador.  First, we do not pay for positive reviews.  We hope you will like our products after trying them!  We will, however, consider partnerships with the right influencers.  If you are interested and think you are right for our brand, send an email to  We are currently working with a few marketing companies to begin our affiliate marketing program.  

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment.  Who knows what the future holds?  

Where’s the glitter and bright colors?  

If a color doesn’t occur in nature, our products will not have it.  The earth provides a natural palette that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe.  

I don’t have a credit card.  How can I purchase your products?

If you’re in central Mississippi, we will advertise our pop up shops and trade shows in the future.  Please send an email to for additional information.

Can I purchase your products wholesale?  

That’s possible but it would need to be on a case by case basis.   Branding is important and we would need to make sure your company’s values align with B Graham Beauty.

Can you donate to my church, school, dance team, etc?

At the moment, we are considering offering fundraising opportunities and will post on social media when the details have been hammered out.  (Our lawyers make us say that.)

Will your products cure (insert illness)?

Our products are therapeutic but NOT meant to replace the advice of medical professionals or current medications you are prescribed.  They pay a heck of a lot money for their educations and we value them.  Please consult your medical care team for advice on medical conditions.  

Where do you get your ingredients?

We have several suppliers that reach from Mississippi to Ghana. Brayden is very selective about how and where her ingredients are sourced. Rest assured that if we choose to do business with a company that we’ve done our due dilligence.